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These are powerful prayers and declarations. Makes me feel so strong and full of God and His power. I pray them as much as possible For me and my family and others. I love spiritual warfare, putting the devil where he belongs. The pits in jesus name.

8 Keys To Overcoming Any Obstacle in Your Path!

Wow, this is amazing, a word for my granddaughter today! She has an interview at Cleveland Clinic for a job position, this came today at the right time. I believe He is elevating her to a higher level higher than she ever dreamed of, explosive blessings coming her way IJMN! Thank you for this powerful prayer.

Overcoming Hindrances to Speaking in Tongues

Continue sharering the gospel of Jesus,hallelujah. Have a Blissful week ahead. Blessed in the name of the Lord, I sometimes ask God if He is hearing my prayers? I have said to myself that I will wait on the Lord. Everything happens for a reason, we just have to trust in Him and His timing. Very well, God answers our prayers according to his will, have patience for the right time is coming.

Overcoming Obstacles To Prayer - aifc

Thank you for the declarations. I am in financial bondage and believe that all financial obstacles will be removed in Jesus name in this month of March. I pray our mighty God to remove every obstacle in my life and my families lives so that we move forward and heal up our lives and illnesses that attack us daily in Jesus Name Amen!! Thank you for this declaration its arrived just on time???? Lord Father I pray to you today in the name of Jesus to remove whatever obstacles that are trying to get in my way Father God you lead and follow you and only you always in my life things sometimes get tough but I have faith in you father to remove whatever the devil trying to put in my way Father I believe in you always father put your righteous right hand on me and allow the the oils of the heavens anoint my heart my mind my body and soul In wonderful Name of Jesus I Pray and I say Amen.

I thank you to give me the strength to persevere and overcome the obstacles in my life. Dear God,Please guide me and help me,as I remove obstacles in my way,from getting closer to You. I declare that today, The battles is already won. I have found You and Your grace. I know it is possible to live a new life in You dear Lord Jesus Christ.

The way out is always be with You dear Lord. In Jesus mighty name. In Jesus Name I pray obstacles are removed and my husband is restored back home here set free with more love joy and peace.

Overcoming the Obstacles to Effective Prayer

Reconciled forever. Glory to God. Dear Father, I thank you for being a blessing in my life. I pray for healing, direction, family, friends, and peace in my life and for people all around the world, who needs your help and direction. No weapon formed against us will be able to prosper.

Father God in Jesus name I pray to you to remove whatever the enemy is to put in my way Father I ask you in the name of Jesus I pray to remove it all Amen. I praise your holy name. Oh god please help me redmoved all the obstacles in life a nd make me stronger all day.. Lord Father as this day comes fourth lord remove whatever obstacles the evil one is trying to put in my way remove it Father in Jesus name Amen. Oh God, I am in a troubled and restless situation, remove my worries and bring happiness and joy in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen.

Need to be strengthened by the word as many obstacles are being thrust in my direction as I try so hard to heal my marriage. When the wrong words come out, when I know I should back off when instead I pursue, I ask that God strengthen me and empower me to do what is righteous according to HIS will for me and for our marriage. I ask for his supernatural countenance to be upon me and upon my wife in these very dark days without the presence of my wife at my side, that instead the presence of the lord be more abundant Amen.

Lord please remove all the obstacles in my life. Protect, guide and free my family and I from all the bad influencesinfluence. Help me God. In that I know I must be experiencing similar problems in my marriage, I pray that the Holy Spirit be with you and guide you and strengthen you and empower you with the tools and the wisdom to do what is righteous as you continue to fight the good fight to take back from the evil one, that which righteously belongs to you. May you be blessed with the presence of God always as you wait for his answer! I stand in prayer and agreement with you all in restoring our lives, in Jesus Name, I pray!

John for God so loved this world he gave his only begotten son,, who so ever believeth in him shall have eternal life Jesus is the center of it all. We sing praises to You our dear Heavenly Father. We need You dear God,today and always. We ask You today,dear Father God,to help us and guide us,protect us,as we remove obstacles in our way,from getting closer to You,our Merciful Father and Savior.

We thank you to give us the strength to persevere and overcome the obstacles in our lives. We declare that today,for the battle are already won.

Thank you Lord Jesus for bless us with Your divine favor and mercy for us all. In Jesus mighty name we pray. Almighty God. Please forgive me. I pray for peace, strength, happiness, success,victory in my life in the name of Jesus.? Lord please remove all obstacles that are seeking to destroy me Lord. I am the head and not the tail. Lord We Are weary.

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Lord, we want to mount up with wings like an eagles and not just fly. Renew our strength, Lord fill us with your supernatural power to overcome each obstacle in our path, with our eyes on you, Lord, with you walking beside us, working through us, we can make it.

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  • Lord bless this family to peace love happiness but most of all lord bless this family to pray together guide to love one another. Show them the way lord let their be peace and harmony in Jesus name Amen. Prayer Request: Pray that God will open doors for me at a good school and that I will be an instrument for God where ever I go. God is capable of all things! He is your counselor and I pray he will counsel and guide you in the right direction to pursue your ultimate goal! I praise and give it all to You dear Father in Heaven.

    Dear God, I remove every obstacles in my way from getting closer to You dear merciful Father,my Savior. Thank you Lord,for bless me with Your divine favor and mercy to strengthens me and to starting my day. Thank you Lord for another day I shall have the Peace that only you can give that surpasses all understanding. I give you all the praise and the glory father, thy will be done.

    We thank you for all You have done for us all. I ask You dear Father God,be with us,guide us,and protect us,as we remove obstacles in our way. Remove every obstacles that prevents us from getting closer to You,our merciful Father and Savior. Lead us along the plain path of righteousness.

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    Thank you Lord,for bless me with Your divine favor and mercy. I praise You dear Heavenly Father,and thank you for bless me with all the wonderful things,for You have done for me. Thank you for always be with me,as I remove the obstacles in my life. Dear God,Help me to remove every obstacles in my way,and draw near to You. Thank you for bless me with Your divine favor and mercy. My Precious Lord!!!

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    May the lord heal you and guide you as an individual and as a family to be victorious in all things good! The enemy is a liar and he deceives and threatens every good thing that God would want for us! Even when we know we are not quite righteous in our every day approach to what God would want, God knowing the true desires of our hearts forgives and forgets and holds its closer! He is the friend that sticketh closer than a brother!

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    Hold on to these truths and may total healing and prosperity be yours in the matchless name of Jesus! Even when we know we are not quite righteous in our every day approach to what God would want, God knowing the true desires of our hearts forgives and forgets and holds us closer! Thank you Lord Jesus pls continue to remove the obstacles in my way so I can return and serve you,cut and clear traps and snare set up by wicked spirits, cleanse our hearts and forgive us of our sins, let us forgive our enemies freely, in the Mighty name of Jesus we ask of you these things Amen.