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  1. Science history: The man attempting to merge physics and the paranormal
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  3. The new field of Epigenetics transforms the impossible into the possible.
  4. Radical physics: Science, socialism and the paranormal
  5. Pseudoscience, the paranormal, and science education | SpringerLink
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Bem's claim of evidence for ESP wasn't ridiculed or ignored; instead it was taken seriously and tested by scientific researchers. Replication is of course the hallmark of valid scientific research - if the findings are true and accurate, they should be able to be replicated by others. Otherwise the results may simply be due to normal and expected statistical variations and errors.

A scientific approach to the paranormal - Carrie Poppy

If other experimenters cannot get the same result using the same techniques, it's usually a sign that the original study was flawed in one or more ways. A team of researchers collaborated to accurately replicate Bem's final experiment, and found no evidence for any psychic powers.

Science history: The man attempting to merge physics and the paranormal

Bem - explicitly contradicting Carter's suggestion that skeptics set out to discredit his work or refused to look at it - acknowledged that the findings did not support his claims and wrote that the researchers had "made a competent, good-faith effort to replicate the results of one of my experiments on precognition. The following year a second group of scientists also tried to replicate Bem's ESP experiments, and once again found no evidence for psychic power.

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In September , news shot around the world that Italian physicists had measured particles traveling faster than light. The neutrino in the experiment only exceeded the speed of light by a little tiny bit - 60 nanoseconds - but if validated would violate the fundamental laws of physics.

Questions swirled: Would the findings hold up under repeated experiments? Could this team have proven Einstein wrong about the speed of light? What was the reaction from the scientific community to the news of this fundamentals-of-physics-challenging finding?


They didn't ignore the results, hoping the inconvenient truth would go away; they didn't brand the scientists liars or hoaxers; they didn't shout, "Burn the witch, this is heresy and cannot be true! Instead, they did what all scientists do when confronted with such anomalous evidence: they took a closer look at the experiment to make sure the results were valid, and tried to replicate the research.

Josephson finds intriguing is the Global Consciousness Project, which records the output from devices that generate random numbers based on electrical noise.

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Roger D. Nelson, the project's director, said that for unknown reasons the distribution of random numbers changes noticeably during crises, with a noticeable shift on Sept. The skeptics, however, say the data do not sway them.

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Terence M. Hines, a professor of psychology at Pace University in Pleasantville, N. A new, larger study reported last month that prayer by strangers provided no benefits to patients undergoing heart surgery.

The new field of Epigenetics transforms the impossible into the possible.

More generally, Dr. It also also been suggested that fungal hallucinations — caused by toxic mould — could stimulate haunting-related perceptions. Shane Rogers and his team from Clarkson University in the US observed similarities between paranormal experiences and the hallucinogenic effects of fungal spores.

This may explain why ghost sightings often occur in older buildings with inadequate ventilation and poor air quality. The notion is not new and experts have previously reported a similar effect associated with old books.

Radical physics: Science, socialism and the paranormal

They claim that mere exposure to toxic moulds can trigger significant mental or neurological symptoms, which create perceptions similar to those reported during haunting experiences. Low pay, earnings mobility and policy — Manchester, Lancashire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. Paranormal or just plain ordinary? So with Halloween just round the corner, here are the top three scientific and psychological explanations for hauntings, spirits, spookiness and all things supernatural — although it should be noted that many important questions have yet to be resolved … 1.

Pseudoscience, the paranormal, and science education | SpringerLink

Because I told you so Attempts to explain hauntings often draw upon psychological factors — such as suggestion — so being told a place is haunted is more likely to lead to ghostly goings-on. No spirits here… Shutterstock But research in real-world settings has produced inconsistent results. Electromagnetic fields and spooky sounds Other explanations draw on environmental factors, such as electromagnetic fields and infrasound.

Is that a figure I see before me?